New Flags

New flags added to the display will be flown at Centennial Park for their first time out. If you have ordered a new flag look for it here first on the next scheduled Display Day once you've received your certificate.


Flag City USA

Redmond, Oregon

Be a Part of Downtown Redmond's Flag Project

These are the hours for our Flag Displays.
We meet at Les Schwab Tires and could really use HELP
from anyone when we put out and take up the flags.

Holiday Sponsor Display Hours
Memorial Day Highland Baptist Church & Scouts 6am-6pm
Flag Day Kiwanis 6am-6pm
4th of July Chamber 6am-4pm
Labor Day Rotary & RHS/RVHS Football 6am-4pm
Patriot Day Fire Dept/RHSMCROTC 6am-6pm
Vets Day Moose/RHSMCROTC 7am-4pm
The public is invited to enjoy the patriotic experience of participating in a flag display. To help the sponsor, meet at Les Schwab at the date/time shown above.
The flag purchase cost is only $45, thanks for your support.

Our goal...It is the belief of the downtown Redmond Flag Committee that flags should be flown on our city streets during all appropriate holidays and other special occasions (weather permitting). Since we would like this to be a community endeavor as much as possible we hope all area organizations, clubs, businesses and interested individuals will join us in perpetuating Redmond, Oregon as "Flag City, USA"!

Who we are...what we do! The downtown Redmond Flag Committee is an ad hoc group of patriotic business people, civic and veteran organizations, other community leaders and individual volunteers. We have set a goal. We intend to be known as "Flag City, USA". To reach this objective we are lining the streets of Redmond with flags on various patriotic days and holidays. "Lining the streets" with flags requires two things: flags and manpower. If you look closely at any of the flags you will see that each is embroidered with a name. We encourage you to purchase your own flag (see flag order form link to left). We depend on your generosity and patriotism. Manpower takes the obvious form of putting up and taking down the flags. There are also other jobs such as drilling and cleaning flag holes in the spring, washing flags, etc. This is provided by the Committee and the various organizations and individuals who wish to help in this effort.

US Congressional Record which designated Redmond, Oregon as: "Flag City USA" can be found HERE.


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